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Bail Granted for alleged breach of extended supervision order

Bail Granted for alleged breach of extended supervision order

Bail Granted for alleged breach of extended supervision order

Bail granted for an alleged breach of extended supervision under the Terrorism (High-Risk Offenders) Act 2017.

Our client is an elderly man subject to an onerous extended supervision order under the Terrorism (High-Risk Offenders) Act 2017. The police alleged our client breached his ESO condition by interacting with a person excluded from his association list (which was list of more then 50 persons he was not allowed to associate with).

Our client was subsequently charged with two counts of; Fail to comply with extended supervision order T2 Terrorism (High-Risk Offenders) Act 2017. Our client’s orders were extremely onerous. These included that;

1) The defendant must obey all reasonable directions of an EO (including in respect of providing a schedule of movements. The defendant must not associate (including using third parties) with any person or persons specified by an EO, whether face to face or by written correspondence or electronic means. The defendant must inform an Enforcement Officer of the identity of any person with whom he does, or is likely to, regularly associate and that the defendant must not contact, attempt to communicate with, or otherwise associate or affiliate with other persons held in custody or with any person he is aware is subject to a control order, on parole or otherwise subject to a supervision order without prior approval of an Enforcement Officer.

Accordingly, our client was refused bail by the police and brought before the Court for a bail application.

Our principal solicitor Mohammad Khan, appeared at the bail application on behalf of our client. The police argued that the prosecution case was very specific and that the police had a very strong prosecution case against our client. In addition, the breach was captured on CCTV footage. The sentencing statistics for this offence were that 90% of people went into full-time jail.

On behalf of our client, we made submissions that although the prosecution case was strong, the breach was not planned, that a breach of ESO should not automatically mean that you will receive a full time custodial sentence and that the test for bail is more then just if the case against a person is strong.

The magistrate was persuaded to grant our client bail, and he was released on conditional bail on the basis that he continues to comply with his extended supervision orders made by the Supreme Court of NSW.

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