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Our team of expert appeal criminal lawyers in Bankstown can appeal decisions of the courts where you were found guilty, or the penalty was too severe. Appeals can be filed with the District Court of NSW, the Supreme Court of NSW, the Court of Criminal Appeal or the High Court of Australia. Where you file the appeal depends on where the original proceedings were finalised.

For example, if you are found guilty in the Local Court of NSW, you may appeal the decision to the District Court of NSW. If you were found guilty in the District Court of NSW, you might appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Appeals are a lengthy process in general. However, you must lodge your appeal to a superior court within 28 days of the decision you wish to appeal.

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Below are an outline of the types of appeals in New South Wales;

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    If a court finds you guilty of an offence, you may appeal to a superior court. This is known as a conviction appeal.


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    If you have been found guilty or pleaded guilty to an offence, you will be sentenced. If you believe the sentence was too severe and lodge an appeal to a superior Court, this is known as a severity appeal.


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    If you believe you should not have been found not guilty of an offence and the sentence was too severe. You may lodge an all-grounds appeal to a superior court.


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    An RMS appeal is made after you receive a notice from the RMS or the police notifying you that your driver’s licence will be suspended from a specific date. You can appeal this decision by taking the matter to Court.


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    An annulment application is also known as a section 4 application. It is where you are asking the Court to cancel its previous decision and rehear the case. This is usually done when a decision was made in your absence and you are not happy with the outcome. You must lodge an annulment application within 2 years of the conviction.


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