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Defences to Criminal Charges

Sometimes, even if you had a valid reason for your actions, you might find yourself facing criminal charges. For instance, you could be accused of assault despite acting in self-defence or to protect your property.


In such situations, you have the option to present a defence in court, demonstrating that your actions were justified. By doing so, you aim to prove that without your valid reason, you would not have committed the alleged crime.


Since the law’s primary objective is to punish individuals whose actions genuinely endanger society, providing evidence of a legitimate excuse may lead to your acquittal and the dismissal of charges against you.


However, you cannot simply assert a defence without substantiating it with evidence. The responsibility lies with you to present proof of your defence.


Given the complexity of defence-related laws, it is crucial to consult a reputable criminal lawyer who can guide you on whether you can assert a defence.


A competent attorney will thoroughly examine all the evidence, determining the viability of your defence. If you have a valid defence, they will skilfully present your case in court, providing persuasive arguments to increase your chances of being declared “not guilty.”


There are various types of defences that you may consider asserting, and a selection of these is provided below:

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