Conditional Release Order NSW

Conditional release orders (CRO) is a sentencing option by the NSW Court, where if you commit further offences during the period of the order, you could be re-sentenced for the original offence.

What is a Conditional Release Order?

Conditional release orders (CROs) were introduced as a sentencing option on 24 September 2018. The imposition of a CRO is covered by the Crimes Sentencing Procedure Act 1999. When deciding whether to make a CRO, a court is required to consider a number of factors including and not limited to the following:


  • the defendant’s character, age, health and any mental conditions;
  • whether the offence is of a trivial nature;
  • the extenuating circumstances of the offending behaviour; and
  • any other matter that the court thinks is proper to consider.

The maximum term of a CRO is 2 years and CRO commences on the day it is made. A Court can impose a CRO with conditions to the order.

Conditional Release Order Without Conviction NSW

A sentencing Court can impose a CRO without recording a conviction. This means that the sentence will not be a criminal conviction and will not show on your criminal record.


However, a CRO without conviction can be an additional condition, for example to be of good behaviour of 12 months. This is similar to the old good behaviour bonds imposed previously before the new legislation.

Conditional Release Order With Conviction NSW

A sentencing Court can impose a CRO with a conviction and conditions. This is effectively a good behaviour bond.

Conditions of a Conditional Release Order NSW

The standard conditions of a CRO are the following:


  • That you commit any offence; and
  • That you must appear before the court if called on to do so at any time during the term of the order.

In addition to the above, further conditions may be imposed on a CRO by the sentencing court at the time the sentence is passed or later and on the application of a community corrections officer.


The additional conditions that may be imposed include:


  • a rehabilitation or treatment condition requiring the offender to participate in a rehabilitation program or to receive treatment;
  • an abstention condition requiring abstention from alcohol and/or drugs;
  • a non-association condition prohibiting association with a particular person(s);
  • a place restriction condition prohibiting the frequenting of or visits to a particular place or area;
  • a supervision condition requiring the offender to submit to supervision—
  • by a community corrections officer, or
  • if the offender was under the age of 18 years when the condition was imposed, by a juvenile justice officer until the offender has reached that age.

However, the Court cannot impose the following conditions as part of your CRO, they are;


  • home detention
  • electronic monitoring
  • curfew
  • community service work order.

What If I breach my Conditional Release Order Conditions?

If you breach your CRO conditions the Court imposed upon you, you are required to attend court if called to have you resentenced for the original offence.

Does a conditional release order show on a police check?

A Conditional Release order without a conviction will not show on your criminal record. However, a CRO with conviction will show on your criminal record.


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