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I Have Received a Fine in NSW, What Happens Now?

I Have Received a Fine in NSW, What Happens Now?

I Have Received a Fine in NSW, What Happens Now?

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What is a fine?


A fine is essentially a financial penalty for breaching Certain Laws or Regulations, including traffic infringements, public transport fines, local council or minor criminal offences. A fine can also be issued as a penalty notice, on-the-spot fine, infringement notice, ticket or a CIN (‘Criminal Infringement Notice’).


Private notices may appear to be a fine however these are not really fines at all. Private notices to pay are a private dispute between yourself and an organisation whereby you may have parked in their parking without permission. In some circumstances individuals may not be obliged to pay for a private fine.

NSW Fine Check

To check your fine in NSW, you simply go to the Revenue NSW website or you can pay your fine by checking your balance via the myServiceNSW app.


If you have received an initial notice or a penalty reminder notice, you can pay the fine or check your balance via the Revenue NSW website. Here you can pay your fine online, enquire about your fine, enquire about an overdue fine. However, if your fine is overdue and an enforcement order has been issued, you will need to enquire about this via the myEnforcementOrder portal.


You will then need to enter your penalty reference number which can be found on your penalty notice that is situated at the top.


If you want to request for a review of your fine or you wish to court elect to have the matter heard in court or nominate someone, you can do this by following the guide through the myPenalty portal. Here you’ll need to enter your penalty notice number and offence date which should be outlined on the penalty notice or overdue fine notice. If you wish to elect for your matter to be hear in court be sure to seek professional legal advice here.


If you want to know the balance of your fine, or how much of your fine is outstanding, you can find this by downloading the Service NSW mobile app which allows you to view or pay fines. You can also pay a penalty or reminder notice through this app.


If you or someone you know need more advice regarding fines, you should contact Sydney traffic lawyers.


Not paying a fine NSW


When you receive a fine, the fine notice/penalty notice will have a due date that the fine must be paid on or by.


If you fail to pay by the due date, an agency which collects debts for the Government, called Revenue NSW, will get involved who will issue you with a ‘penalty reminder notice’. This reminder notice will require you to pay the outstanding fine within 28-days.


Failure to pay the penalty reminder notice on time will cause Revenue NSW to provide you with an overdue fine notice. This overdue fine notice will add an overdue fee of an additional $65 on top of your overdue fine amount. However, this fee will be $25 if you are under the age of 18.


Failure to pay the overdue fine will then result in further consequences, including an enforcement order in an attempt by Revenue NSW to collect the debt. An enforcement order can have significant consequences, including the suspension or cancellation of your driver licence, cancellation of your vehicle registration, or court action to get a property seizure order.


If a court order is not complied with, then some of the consequences incurred can include imprisonment or a community service order.


If you or someone you know need legal advice regarding NSW fines, contact a criminal defence lawyer from Lyons Law Group.

Appealing a speeding fine NSW

If you have received a fine or penalty notice, you may request Revenue NSW to conduct a review in instances where:


–  You believe there’s been a mistake; or


–  There’s a reasonable explanation or reason for your offending conduct.


To lodge a review, you must make the request with Revenue NSW within the payment due date noted on the penalty reminder notice. An attempt to request with Revenue NSW to appeal will not be possible after the due date.


If you’ve already paid the fine, you can still ask for a review if you lodge the review within 60 days from date of issue of the penalty notice.


Upon reviewing your fine, Revenue NSW may do any of the following:


–   Require you to pay the full amount of the fine;


–   Give you a caution due in response to the reason you’ve provided. This results in no fine with no demerit points incurred as a result. However, for driving infringements, it will be recorded on the driving record meaning another appeal may be more difficult to apply for; or


–   Cancel the fine if it is accepted that a mistake was made, the offence is not properly outline on the given notice, or the notice wasn’t provided to you properly.

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